Cathies DistantEchos

Cathies DistantEchos

Welcome to Cathies DistantEchos!

This Website and Show are a continuation of Cathie Bradshaw and Nick Nash’s work at another site. When we lost Cathie Bradshaw earlier in 2016 we were determined to keep the Cathies DistantEchos community going.

We will be continuing to deliver the shows – currently Dougie Slap and Lins and Riana’s are the active shows we plan on delivering. In the near future we may add more hosts and every now and then Nick Nash may wish to do a show as well.

Chris from Curious Times is the acting admin for this site and so any questions or communication you wish to send can be sent to her directly. We will be trying to work out the most efficient way to work this all out so bear with us during this orientation and relocation time we are going through.


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