Guest Book

Guest Book

Welcome and thank you for dropping by our site. If you’d like to leave us a public message feel free to do so, but remember (as Cathie always said…) Be Nice!

Looking good Chris! Thank you

Looking good Chris! Thank you so much for all your hard work in keeping Cathie\’s dream going and creating this website. It is a lovely tribute to her. Bless Your Heart as Cathie would say, Thank you, we cannot thank you enough. Lins xxxxxxx

Lindsey Patricia Harrison

Thank-you Lin and Chris for

Thank-you Lin and Chris for making miracles come true. I can not wait to hear and engage in the show. Have a fabulous day.


Thanks for this lovely page.

Thanks for this lovely page. Happy to be here and grateful & blessed to still be a part of Cathie’s & Nick’s creation. God bless all!

Brenda Tenerelli

Yey !! looking good !!

Yey !! looking good !! thanks Chris for all you do, and thanks my Lins.. Thanks to all you guys for your continued love and support. Look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Riana George

Glad to finally get here.

Glad to finally get here. Will be looking forward to more News as it occurs. Thanks to all of you for creating this. Love to all.

Inrz Walker

So happy to see you

So happy to see you continuing the uplifting, positive force that was started by Cathie. No doubt she’s doing the ‘happy dance’!

Robert Sharpe

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