Flying with Angels- Tribute to Cathie Bradshaw.

Flying with Angels- Tribute to Cathie Bradshaw.


Date(s) - 03/22/2018
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm ET
Call in number: 631-353-4342 and enter 70017 as show #, or Free Skype Call:

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Cathie Bradshaw.

Cathie and Tony, Forever Love           


Welcome Everyone,

This show is a tribute to our dear Cathie Bradshaw Founder of Cathies DistantEchos.

If you would like to call in and share a story about Cathie please do.

You can share in the chatroom as well,

This will be a joyful celebration of her life as Cathie doesn’t want us to be sad but if you have a few tears thats OK too.



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