Hello from Flying with Angels.

Hello from Flying with Angels.


Hello from Flying with Angels.


Hosts Lins and Riana
Hosts Lins and Riana

Riana and I share free card readings on the show Flying with Angels every three weeks when possible. We also like to share spiritual information and our experiences to help others make sense of things on a spiritual path.

All of what we do today would not have been possible without the encouragement and support of @cathie Cathie Bradshaw who encouraged me to come out of my comfort zone and share my gifts for others under The Cathies DistantEchos umberella. @cathiesdistantechos,

We are also very grateful for the donations from the friends of Cathies Distant Echos to allow Cathie’s dream of sharing knowledge to continue.

It is also with grateful Thanks and appreciation to Chris Times for all her help, support, training and understanding.

With much love to all who travel to this page, your guardian angel guided you here.

Lindsey Harrison, (Lins)

Host and Founder of Flying with Angels.


  Our Cathie Bradshaw


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