Cathie Bradshaw ~Return Viewers Guide~ with my guest Don Beeton~

Cathie Bradshaw ~Return Viewers Guide~ with my guest Don Beeton~

Cathie Bradshaw ~Return Viewers Guide~ with my guest Don Beeton~


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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"Our Cathie."
“Our Cathie.”

~Return Viewers Guide~ with my guest Don Beeton~

First aired 1/20/2011

rvgThe Side Profile of the Planet Of The Crossing…..

  Updated show description:
May 26, 2018 may be the next time the Ancient Object of the Crossing Down returns and changes the light from the Moon and causes the repeating fantastic ancient Changed and Lasting sights to occur. The Object crosses down three nights before the full moon every 46 years and one day.  May 24th, 1926, the big Ancient place rolled down and “obscured, the Moon’s disc.” As a boy while looking at the Moon through a small backyard telescope I suddenly saw the returning Object, a big forward rolling place that crosses down in front of the Moon once again in front of the Moon, “obscuring the Moon’s disc.” My Mississauga Sighting. A complete and total lucky fluke to be sure, but I did see the big ancient place come rolling down.  I saw the ancient Standing Stone Craters and I saw the big main shadow.  Also I did see the sight of what the first instant in the distance of the Moon’s suddenly changed light looks like, and I did see the first part of the incredible visual spectacle that the big rolling place generates with the Moon’s suddenly fantastically changed now incredible Lasting Light! You can see these exact same sights the next time the Object crosses down. That’s the point of the Return Viewer’s Guide. The things that happen and the sights you see all repeat and happen the same way every time. When a person reads the Return Viewer Guides they are actually reading exact description of what they will see happen the next time this repeating reoccurring event happens. Seeing with foreknowledge is what will result. That’s important.

Also I am sending a link to an important pdf file. One day people will be sharing this file or rather very probably they will be sharing later versions of this file with it’s important free viewing information. As always all my information is free. I don’t sell information I give that away as is in keeping with the most basic responsibilities that I have to everyone who hasn’t seen the Object and especially the Moon’s Changed and Lasting Light.



Don Beeton’s Website.

Return Viewer’s Guide: The Actual Greatest Thing In History

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