Flying with Angels.- Happy New Year! 2018.

Flying with Angels.- Happy New Year! 2018.

Flying with Angels.- Happy New Year! 2018.


11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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Cathie Bradshaw.

Riana George and Lins Harrison.

Happy New Year! 2018.

Join Lins and Riana as they share mini intuitive angel card readings and discussion about the Angels.

Call in for a reading or a chat as we welcome in 2018. Time flies like an arrow. It is also the 7 year anniversary of Flying with Angels,

Come and join the party at this special celebration show!

Hosts Lins and Riana

“Our Cathie.”

Cathies Distant Echos, Facebook Group:

Riana’s website:

Flying with Angels  Facebook group:

Lucinder Drayton’s website.

Lucinda Drayton’s  Facebook page



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